Freebies from here & there

One can discover just about anything & everything over the internet. I saw a clip from a Bollywood movie trailer (move forward to 2:00min) that describes my feelings perfectly.

Dad asks daughter, ‘where the hell did you learn all this?’ She simply shrugs and states the evident, ‘from the internet…you can find every recipe out there, from making babies to making bombs!’

Anyway, that brings me to some random, fun & free things I stumbled upon while surfing.

  • So everyone’s going crazy about the iPhone6, I know, I know, I am not starting on that, but how about some amazing wallpapers to distract you? Check out Poolga‘s fantastic collection of artwork by a group of extremely creative artists. Poolga’s Facebook page has nearly 7000 likes and counting. You can select and download wallpapers for free for the existing iPhones, iPads & iPod Touch. Of course, you can find some gorgeous ones for the new iPhone6 & 6+ as well.


  • At you can ‘turn a quote into a masterpiece’. That’s what the website says and I quite agree. You can choose from several interesting poster styles to pick one that suits your purpose, preview it, and download it or share it online or email it to a friend. For free. If you are feeling unimaginative, the website even suggests quotes you might like. What could be easier than that! I have occasionally used this for my blog now, then and again. You might have to move your words around a bit, depending on the selected design, but most of it is no rocket science.


  • Head over to Caravan Shoppe to find adorable & artistic digital downloads. You can buy most of the designs but they also have a freebies section where they set aside some of their work for free downloads. Take a moment to read about their designers or find out the latest on their blog. From party invitations & posters to calendars & cards, you will definitely find something that catches your eye.

 Hope you like my finds and use them for fun! Have a great weekend!!

On time

Watches on sale at a street shop in Kolkata

Daylight saving time ended last night in Sweden, which means mornings will have more light, but evenings will be getting darker an hour earlier now. Gear up for the darkness, my friends! And remember to set your analog watches back by an hour, unless you wanna be an hour early for your appointments ;)

Have a great week ahead!

Ghostly signals

Remember when I spotted a traffic sign made up to resemble a stylish girl? Well, it seems like these signs are quite the canvas for creative people. I discovered this skeleton guy on one of them. Perfect for this time of the year, what with Halloween just around the corner. Now I am constantly on the lookout for more quirky ideas around town ;)

Side A

Side B

Aerial tour of Stockholm

A couple of years ago some of our friends gave Mr.A a special birthday gift, but what’s more, it turned out to be a bonus gift for me as well. Tickets to a chopper ride for two over the city of Stockholm, no less! Having already accomplished a sky dive the previous year, we both knew very well that neither of us had an insane fear of heights and were very excited about this adventure. We waited nearly a year to fix the perfect day to make it happen. On any given flight, I always make it a point to look out and take in the city from above. It’s just one of those things I enjoy. Since a helicopter does not fly as high as an airplane, the sights become so much clearer and way more vivid.

Join me on an aerial tour of Stockholm…

The chopper was a fine black bird. Since the motors bellowed & thundered, we had to communicate through the headphone-and-mike things hanging from the chopper ceiling. It felt so cool, I tell ya!


I got the lucky front seat next to the pilot!!

The chopper took off from the Bromma airstrip & the first landmark to catch our attention was the Solvalla horse racing track.

The iconic Stockholm City Hall

Riddarholmen island & the distinct black spires of the Riddarholmskyrkan

Picture perfect Gamla Stan, with a closer look at the Tyska Kyrkan or the German Church.



Gröna Lund, the exciting amusement park on the island of Djurgården

Kaknästornet, the TV tower, which for a long time remained the tallest building in Stockholm.

The cruise terminal for the Tallink & Silja Line fleets.

Friends Arena, the shiny new stadium with a  retractable roof, which houses football matches and concerts, both very popular in Swedish culture.

What’s more, we spotted our apartment as a big bonus! It’s in one of the green buildings towards the lower right of the picture. Yes, you are most welcome to visit!

An adventure, a joy ride in every sense of the words :D So much fun! Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did.

A hundred posts ago…

A hundred posts ago, this blog did not exist. That’s right. Sunny District turns a-hundred-posts-old right now! Plus, my first post went out just about a year ago. Partaayyy!!

Time to celebrate & time to send out a Super-Duper-Jumbo-Mega Thank You to all my readers for being such a big part of this journey, spending your precious time reading, liking and commenting, always making me feel like a million bucks ;) I hope & pray that the following hundred and more posts will keep you just as interested & make you want to return to my happy place again and again and again!

XOXO, Bipasha