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My latest trinket shopping from Ur&Penn are these dainty bracelets for Peace, Karma & Wisdom. Though I like to wear some chunky ear-rings and pendants from time to time, for bracelets I always prefer the tiny and shiny ones. And aren’t those catch phrases quoted on the packaging absolutely adorable?

Peace: make love, not war

Karma: what goes around, comes around

Wisdom: you live, you learn

Which one is your favorite?

Hoards of zombies spilling out of an underground metro station, slowly making their way to open spaces in a busy neighborhood. Walking their weird walk. Growling, snarling, barring teeth. Open wounds spewing gore, bloodshot eyes glaring down ‘humans’… This was the scene at the annual Stockholm Zombie Walk. As an onlooker, I was super impressed with so much creativity and the amount of hard work that must have gone into the costumes and the make-up. I had a great time getting some very interesting photos.

You know what could be even more of an adventure? A Zombie Walk at night. Perhaps next year?!


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I clicked this picture last year when I went back to my hometown, and paid a visit at my school, one of my favorite places ever. This old tree stump with the knotty, gnarled texture has been the same for as long as I can remember. And I am certain it’s been this way for far more years before that. It lies in one corner of the kindergarten playground in my school, wedged somewhere between the monkey-pole, the merry-go-round and the hedges. It must have seen generations of schoolgirls walk in and pass out of the school, playing games, sharing secrets, growing up. Sometimes constants do bring such a comforting feeling.

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He was the one raising her. It was true. even though he was still a child himself. Ten years old.”

I have previously read Khaled Hosseini‘s The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Both these books made me admire the author’s workI had been looking for And the Mountains Echoed for quite some time and luckily a friend lent it to me. The story revolves around a brother-sister duo who are inseparable and completely devoted to each other as the only real family. It follows their story through time and draws out a beautiful story of love, separation and longing. As always, there are several intertwined sub-plots weaving through Hosseini’s text, and it is interesting to see how they are ultimately tied together. A good read, all in all, especially if you have read his previous books. Always nice to complete a set, right?!

When I looked back through my album of Copenhagen from our road-trip earlier this year, what really popped out at me was the multicolored snapshots of the city. It is not just wall graffiti, as I shared in my previous accounts of street art in Barcelona or those in Athens, but there were several installations that makes this city so vibrant and brings together people in a special way. All the flowers seemed bright & happy in their full spring glory!

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And then there is Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous ‘region’ inside of Copenhagen which claims to be not a part of the EU, but is rather governed by its own Christiania Law of 1989. Visitors are gracefully allowed inside, but asked to be respectful of the citizens and not bother them by wielding cameras all over the place. There is food & drinks and knick-knacks you could buy, or simply walk around the streets and listen to people singing or playing musical instruments, or watch children play in charming DIY playpens. And of course, there is that undeniable whiff of weed in the air. It’s an extraordinary feeling inside, so atypical as though from a book or a movie, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures to help describe it. There are a few from the vicinity of the neighborhood, though.

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