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Inhale and hold the evening in your lungs.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ~Sebastian Faulks, Engleby

Stockholm City Hall

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The Plaka and Monastiraki neighborhoods in Athens have their own characteristic air. There are lots of cafes and restaurants where  one can spend hours over a tall glass of chilled frappe or fill themselves up with the delicious local cuisine. The many souvenir shops sell curious mementos, attractive garments and exotic pieces of art. Strolling around these streets hand in hand with my husband, no real goal or destination in mind, was one of the most relaxing part of my trip to Athens.

Ambling around

A rare combination

Take home a memento for your dear ones

In case you need a bag to carry those mementos, you’ll find a pretty one too

For the sweet tooth

A much-needed frappe break

I will definitely remember that meat platter for a long time, mmmm!

Back to strolling and shopping

A most colorful day

“Key is in the lock all right, sir. On the inside. Mr. Ackroyd must have locked himself in.”

Just finished reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by my all-time favorite Agatha Christie. As you must know, her books are next only to the Bible & Shakespeare‘s works as the most widely read publication ever. Over the years I have read several of her novels, but this latest read has made a bigger fan out of me, if that were even possible. I quite love the old English charm that is evident in the setting and the language of the time. This book has all the Agatha Christie staples – the secretive characters, the multiple motives, the sure-shot alibis. But of course, Hercule Poirot is at his best even at the hay end of his career as he breaks the case down bit by bit. The plot turns in the most unexpected way towards the end and makes one want to re-read the book all over again, in the newly revealed light. A highly recommended book.

“There are five elements: earth, air, fire, water and garlic.”

                                                                                            ~Louis Diat

Well, in my kitchen that saying holds good, ‘coz I love my garlic in pastas & curries & soups. Of course not in excess but I do like a decent dash of the sharp flavor and aroma that it lends to a dish. The other day I realized I had amassed quite a stockpile of garlic by forgetting how much I already had in the house. Now, I hate food going to waste, so I had to find a thrifty solution, and quickly before they started to dry up. Thanks to the internet, there is hardly ever a search that does not yield the desired results. The answer to my question – freeze them!

As instructed by several food writers, I peeled all the cloves that I wanted to put away in storage and gave them a good whizz in the food processor. I left them a bit chunky, just because. Then, in they went into ice trays, about one teaspoon in each compartment. Into the freezer, overnight. As many of you might be wondering, I did have trepidation about what if they smell out my whole freezer, but that never happened, I guess freezing the garlic kind of freezes the smell too…does that make sense? So there’s nothing to worry about.

The next day, I pulled out the trays, popped out the frozen garlic cubes, popped them back into a sealed freezer bag and into the freezer again. I have read that garlic can be stored in this way for up to several weeks. So now I have a stash of garlic ready to be used anytime I need. And since they are measured  out into 1tsp units, that makes it all the more easier to bring out just as much as needed in the recipe at hand.

Do you use frugal storage methods too? I’d love to hear about them!

Runner, runner

Mr.A has signed up for a 5 km run next month & it’s about time he started preparing for it. Yesterday, while he ran, I biked alongside & we found ourselves at the Ulriksdal Slott (palace) which is a stone’s throw away from our home. I have never been inside the castle per se, but the grounds are great for rides or runs or walks with paths running around the pretty flower gardens and around the placid Lake Edsviken. The grounds also house several neat little out-houses and a couple of beautiful chapels. The castle and lake can be reached by a short 10 min ride on the pendeltåg (commuter train) from Stockholm T-Central (the central station) to Ulriksdal station, followed a walk or a bus ride from there. 

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