Must eat in Madrid

Remember that time I told you about binging in Barcelona? Well, I have resolved - when in Spain, just focus on the eating. I confess I am a foodie and I’ve found my match in Mr.A! When we travel we like to get a taste of the local cuisine, and Spain in particular never disappoints us. On a recent weekend getaway to Madrid we treated ourselves to the must-eat trio of Spanish cooking.

What trio, you say?

#1 Paella

#2 Churros with Hot Chocolate

#3 Tapas

P.S. Special mention to Sangria, of course!


Birthday coupons for Mr.A

It’s birthday season again! Mr.A turned a year older & wiser on 9th Nov. and as usual I got kinda crazy with ideas about how to make it special this time around :D I usually knock myself out making him fun & absolutely useless things for his birthday, and am thrilled how he loves them, too. Heehee, it’s the silly things that tell you how perfect your are for each other!

I have been wanting to make him some personalized coupons for a while now. I thought about it last Valentine’s day but a birthday is as good an occasion as any.

I used the pixlr express app that I have downloaded on my  Chrome browser. It’s a great app for quick picture editing and I use it quite often on my blog. I took a blank .jpg file as the base. I wanted to apply a similar look for all my coupons but with different colors. I also wanted to keep it simple & sober. Browsing though the various looks I arrived at background -> ink -> blackfive. Adding some text, I came to this template that I used for all the coupons, applying different filters to change the background color. Next I added some fun freebies for Mr.A to redeem at will.

I added a bolder border before printing them out, then cut them out, punched a hole in the top-left corner of each & stringed them through a piece of ribbon. Done! Try this fun idea for a dear one, you could allow your imagination to choose any kind of treat. Btw, Mr.A loved this gift – success, yeahh!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent


That’s one helluva drop! This snap was taken from the apartment window of a friend who so graciously hosted us on a visit to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. I can’t remember for sure which floor this was but as you can figure, it is surely a good way above the ground! Here’s how other bloggers interpreted this week’s photo challenge prompt: Descent.

On a side note, I was pretty fascinated by Hong Kong’s high rise buildings also called tower blocks. They do liken to Lego towers from a distance. See what I mean?

You can find other interesting photos at the Weekly Photo Challenge and stories on my Travel Diaries. Click away!

Freebies from here & there

One can discover just about anything & everything over the internet. I saw a clip from a Bollywood movie trailer (move forward to 2:00min) that describes my feelings perfectly.

Dad asks daughter, ‘where the hell did you learn all this?’ She simply shrugs and states the evident, ‘from the internet…you can find every recipe out there, from making babies to making bombs!’

Anyway, that brings me to some random, fun & free things I stumbled upon while surfing.

  • So everyone’s going crazy about the iPhone6, I know, I know, I am not starting on that, but how about some amazing wallpapers to distract you? Check out Poolga‘s fantastic collection of artwork by a group of extremely creative artists. Poolga’s Facebook page has nearly 7000 likes and counting. You can select and download wallpapers for free for the existing iPhones, iPads & iPod Touch. Of course, you can find some gorgeous ones for the new iPhone6 & 6+ as well.


  • At you can ‘turn a quote into a masterpiece’. That’s what the website says and I quite agree. You can choose from several interesting poster styles to pick one that suits your purpose, preview it, and download it or share it online or email it to a friend. For free. If you are feeling unimaginative, the website even suggests quotes you might like. What could be easier than that! I have occasionally used this for my blog now, then and again. You might have to move your words around a bit, depending on the selected design, but most of it is no rocket science.


  • Head over to Caravan Shoppe to find adorable & artistic digital downloads. You can buy most of the designs but they also have a freebies section where they set aside some of their work for free downloads. Take a moment to read about their designers or find out the latest on their blog. From party invitations & posters to calendars & cards, you will definitely find something that catches your eye.

 Hope you like my finds and use them for fun! Have a great weekend!!