Close up

Close up, into the heart of a flower…

Check out older entries to the Weekly Photo Challenge & let me know what you think.

P.S. I used this photo for a previous post, but it was so apt for this challenge, I couldn’t resist posting it again. Do you also see the cheetah’s face with outspread bat wings at the heart of this orchid? Some pics are special, right?

2014 favorites

2014 has been a super year for Sunny District. It’s been fun & happening. I’ve been able to share some excellent experiences, travelling stories and cool experiments. Here’s a quick round-up of some of my most popular posts from the previous year, in no particular order. And along with it comes a big thank you & lots of hugs for my readers!


I started sharing a new ‘Adventure‘ category with my readers & you certainly liked my skydiving story.


I was lucky to travel to many awesome places like Kiruna, Mallorca, Copenhagen, Athens, Santorini, Madrid, Lisbon & Porto. Although I haven’t had a chance to share my accounts of all these lovely places, but you can click on the links to read about the ones I have. I guess you liked this recent bright mash-up most of all.


I gorged on some fantastic cuisines while on my trips; my trip to Madrid seems to have been most inspiring.


I didn’t exercise my green thumb too much this year, but my herb garden did draw some accolades from you. Thank you!



Thankfully I made time to keep up with my reading, and my favorite book this year, as well as your favorite account was The Book Thief.

Thank you once again, dear readers, 2014 has been so awesome, I am raring to go for 2015!!


I have been trying my hand at growing my own herbs recently, and hence been reading a lot of blogs to gather tips on how to do it right. I’ve had some luck though there is still a long way to go before I can boast about any of it 😉 A surprising tip I read was about growing spring onions or chives…some bloggers/ gardeners shared their experience of how simply placing the cut root-ends into a jar of water would make them grow again. Nothing can be that easy, right? So I tried it myself, straight from the refrigerator and into an empty salsa jar. I was ready to say tchahh! but look here what I got! New leaves started to show within a day of placing the roots in water. I am elated to say the least. If only everything in this world were as simple as growing chives!