A herb garden that survived!

I totally loved these little DIY herb pots from IKEA. To be honest I didn’t have much hope, drawing from my previous failed experiments of growing my own herbs at home. But look at these flourishing little babies, I’m gushing over them every morning! The herb kit contained three cups, three cakes of potting soil and three pouches of seeds, one each of coriander, thyme and basil. Well, the cups got mixed up on the way, thanks to my husband’s powers of observation, or the lack of it 😉 But that’s something we have agreed to ignore, all because the end result is a happy one. Now we just have to pluck some fresh leaves and add that special dash of flavor to all our dishes… I already feel like a chef, yippee-yay!


7 thoughts on “A herb garden that survived!

  1. Haha exactly my problem!! It feels so good to have your own herbs but may I ask how often and how much you water them? It is such a problem for me to find the right quantity! 🙂


    • Hey! The instruction on the kit was to water enough to keep the soil moist, but not soggy, so I went at it with a teaspoon at a time 😉
      btw Ariadni, on a sidenote since you are Danish, I visited Denmark last weekend, and totally fell in love with all those beautiful places between Kronborg & Copenhagen!!


  2. Thank you for visiting Forest Garden today. I’m glad you like the pots. I just planted one up with herbs last night, and will post photos one day soon. It is so nice to have herbs growing at home for that last minute snip to dress up a dish! Best wishes, WG

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  3. Hey thanks for replying! Only a teaspoon?? I am watering waaaaay more! 😛

    I am not danish, but i live here the past few years. I alos came in copenhagen first time in spring and i fell in love! Can’t say right now it looks as good as then due to a whole lot of construction work going on for the metro, but it is still quite charming 🙂

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