Photo Challenge : Shadowed

Shadowed, in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I took this shot of one of the many outhouses at Copenhagen’s Kronborg Castle. What I completely love about the picture is the way the shadows of the trees seem to converge at some point beyond the photograph. At an earlier time in the same day they must have been perfectly parallel to each other, never meant to meet but to stand apart. But as the day wears off they seem to find a way to lean out and reach together.

It makes me think, at a time when our world seems to be falling to pieces around us, I suppose it is pure hope that keeps us believing that perhaps one day all mankind will eventually find a way to overlook barriers, reach out to one another & see the world with an equal eye. At the very least, it’s a future worth praying for…

More snapshots from the Weekly Photo Challenge.

20 thoughts on “Photo Challenge : Shadowed

  1. This is such a soothing composition: so many sets of lines on various angles, pleasing blocks of color, a variety of textures. Well done!


  2. Lovely shot with vivid colors. Shadows are converging. Best part of the photo is that the shadows are diagonally placed in the photo which makes it very appealing 🙂


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