Sea urchins sunning themselves on the walkway at Ilhas Desertas, Faro, Portugal

Find more ‘monochromatic‘ entries for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Do browse around to check out my previous contributions, too.

9 thoughts on “Monochromatic

  1. We have the same in NZ. Here they’re fondly know as ‘sea eggs’. When alive they are very much like hedgehogs to look at (all prickles).

    Unless yours are different from ours, the ones in your lovely shot are deceased … the Maoris like to gather them, in season there’s a band of orange roe (eggs) inside that shell that they love as a delicacy.

    If you do bring them home you can make sure they are thoroughly clean inside and can use them decoratively. Great pencil holders … but fairly fragile.

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    • They did look a bit alive, something was moving inside when I peered through the hole… Maybe someone else was using it as hideout 😳
      I remember one from my childhood home, it was white, perhaps a painted coating, supposed to be an ashtray, but used for anything but 😉
      Thanks so much, Argus, for dropping by with your nice comment. Do visit again!

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